based in Zagreb, Croatia

release date:
November 12th, 2015



regular price:
USD $2.99

about guessWare

guessWare is a game design studio based in Zagreb, Croatia, founded by Ivan Hamarić and Marko Katavić. Ivan spent his time around architecture, Marko spent his around computer science. They met studying sociology. Ivan subsequently went into board game design, and Marko became a data scientist.

about ozaiko

If one cares to be formal about it, ozaiko falls into the category of radial sliding puzzles. So there isn’t much to say, but we hope it’s nice to play!

In short - we take a photo, cut it into things we call orbits and slices, we shuffle the pieces and let you solve it. But we do it with some beautiful photos by great travel photographers, some nice soothing music written specifically for this game, and intriguing gameplay we’re pretty sure you haven’t seen before.

ozaiko features

  • new puzzle mechanics with with our unique radial scale effect
  • beautiful photos by great photographers
  • different degrees of disturbingly devious difficulty
  • split-screen multiplayer for two players
  • a soothing soundtrack


ozaiko - a short preview YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (4.8 MB)
An open album
A multiplayer session
An unsolved puzzle
An unsolved puzzle
Help screen
Finished puzzle

download logo files as .zip (2.6 MB)
guessWare logo
ozaiko logo
ozaiko icon

ozaiko soundtrack

ozaiko credits

Ivan Hamarić
game design / graphics

Marko Katavić

Lujo Parežanin
sound / music

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks